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Upcoming Events

Women on the Run January~2024  Will start January 2, 2024 ~ February 21, 2024

When you give to the “Women on the Run” initiative, you give more than a bit of assistance. You give hope to individuals who have fled malicious circumstances and face times more challenging than ever imagined. Women on the Run campaign provide quality and compassionate services that foster self-respect in persons experiencing intimate partner violence and lead to a struggle to end domestic abuse/violence. These bags of love provide necessities to individuals who may not possess more than the clothes on their backs. We need new socks, t-shirts, underwear, pajamas, toiletries, hair products, and a new or gently used tote or handbag.

The Campaign kick-off: is January 2024, and distributions of totes will be in February 2024. Donations are needed!

Will you please join our campaign?

An Empty Plate at the Table ~July 2024

An Empty Plate at the Table commemorates the lives of our loved ones.  Because a profound act of evil forever damages our lives, nothing will ever remove the bitterness, hurt, pain, and emptiness in our hearts.  For our loved ones to be murdered by someone so full of hate is impossible to understand and even harder to live with.  This event celebrates their life and legacy.  The families are presented with a hand-crafted commemorative plate.  Tookie's Voice presented over 466 plates to families throughout the US.

Deanthony Vickers

Kyla O'Neal

Officer Carlos Taylor
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Audriana "Minnie Pearson

Alexis Garth

Myron Richardson
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