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It is incredible how one small idea can grow into something truly special. Tookie's Voice is rooted in the belief that we have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference in our community. With a variety of projects, we have harnessed our skills and resources to successfully achieve our goals in making a difference in the lives of others.  Since our founding in 2021, we have been proud to witness how our activities has benefited women and men in domestic violence situations in Alabama, North Carolina and Illinois. It is often said we die twice, once when breath leaves our bodies and then again the last time our names are spoken.  Tookie's Voice want to ensure that victim's will NOT be forgotten, they will live on!

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces with Domestic Violence and Awareness, Tookie's Voice is dedicated to making an everlasting impact by educating and providing resources to individuals in need. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s focus, we want to cast a wide net through programs such as, "Women on the Run" and "An Empty Plate at the Table."  



The "Women on the Run" project aims to instill permanent  positive change and propel victims toward their best and full potential. Our Local Empowerment initiative has proven to be a powerful tool for Tookie's Voice to successfully serve our community and improve countless lives. With generous donations, we can provide toolkits for individuals fleeing unhealthy situations.

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" An Empty Plate at the Table ", represents the emotions and feeling reserved for those who did not come home. It is a physical reminder to remain conscious of the injustices around the world. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Tookie's Voice, and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization.


Stay in the Know

Domestic Violence ~ Intimate Partner Violence {IPV}
Power & Control

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.  Domestic violence doesn't discriminate . People of any race, age, gender, sexuality, religion, education level, or economic status can be a victim-or perpetrator of domestic violence. Signs of relationship abuse, it's not always easy to tell.  In fact, many abusive people appears like ideal partners in the early stages of a relationship.  Possessive and controlling behaviors don't always appear overnight and may emerge and intensify as the relationship grows.  Please review the Power and Control Wheel.

Warning Signs of Abuse/Red Flags

>Actual or threats of physical violence.

>Insulting, demeaning, or shaming you, especially in front of others.

>Actual or threats of sexual violence, emotional or psychological abuse.

>Stalking: excessive calls/texts/emails, monitoring daily activities, using technology to track a person's location.

>Needing to know your whereabouts at all times.

>Preventing or discouraging you from spending time with friends, family members, or peers.

>Showing extreme jealousy of your friends or time spend away from them.

>Damaging your belongings, including throwing objects, punching walls, vandalizing your vehicle, or kicking doors.

>Financial abuse-controlling finances in the household without discussion, including taking your money or refusing to provide money for necessary expenses. (e.g., withholding money, ruining credit, stopping a partner from getting or keeping a job).

>Telling you that you never do anything right. Intimidating you thought threatening looks or actions.

>Pressuring you to have sex or perform sexual acts or impregnating an individual.​

>Cheating on you to intentional hurt you and threatening to cheat against suggest that they are "better" than you.


SAFETY is essential to remember when thinking about leaving an abusive situation.  Listed below are a few tips.


>Document the incidents (notes/photos).

>Identify a list of individuals to contact and a safe place to go.

>Establish a code "word" or "symbol" to let individuals know when you're in need  of help.

>Keep a bag packed with essential papers (social security card(s), births certificate(s), driver license or state identification card, bank information.

>If you have an order of protection, make copies and carry one with you at all times.

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